My Buddy

What did I do without this little light in my life? I really have no idea, she has just filled each day with so much joy and wonder. It is so fulfilling to take care of her and spend each moment of every day with her, and I just feel so blessed to have her around. She really is my little buddy and I'm loving the little glances and special moments we are having doing the things that used to seem so mundane. The first is a picture of her peacefully asleep on a long walk. She loves to look at the trees and listen to the birds chirp. She is enthralled in the littlest things and I find myself once again enjoying this simplicity with her! The second picture is of Laken "helping" me make some candies for a Halloween party. She sat in her Bumbo chair and was thrilled with the noise that the wax paper made. So I tore her off a piece and she laughed. Now when I'm pushing her in her stroller or in a shopping cart while she naps.....she lets me know that she has woken up with a squeal, and then she smiles back when I say hello. She is SO much fun and I really wish that I would have had her a long time ago. What a special soul. Chase and I are so lucky to share moments and experiences with her......especially the simple ones.

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