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I just started to write down a list of all that I have learned this past year regarding money saving tips to share with the mommies in our baby group. And wow I should write a book.....errr blog post ;) I'm proud of our accomplishments and the ways that Chase and I have learned to stretch out our money so that I can stay home with Laken, and we can remain debt free (student loans don't count right?). It is actually fun and adventurous.........picture me clipping coupons and soaring through the grocery isles and online shopping carts with a giant DG (domestic goddess monogram) on my shirt! Haha, I am totally exaggerating but really it is a glorious feeling to know how much you have saved your family. Don't get me wrong I still like to splurge here and there but I feel less guilty when I do. My famous quote to Chase is, "if you give your wife a starbucks and a monthly pedicure, she will breastfeed your baby and clip coupons to make up for it!" On that note here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned.

~Walmart: Uggg we all hate the place right, but THEY PRICE MATCH all local grocery ads. So literally each week I make my shopping list, skim through the ads, write down where the produce or items are the cheapest and the price, and then put them in my cart at walmart. At check out all you have to do is have a copy of the ads with you. And yeah you only have to go to one grocery store to get the best prices in town.

~Coupons: I keep a coupon pouch in my purse and then I have them with me at all times. It is amazing how much you save just by clipping a few here and there for the places you shop the most. dealseekingmom.com has printable coupons if you do not feel like clipping. Keep in mind that many stores will price match other stores coupons. For example here in AZ, Buy Buy Baby price matches Babies R Us and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons.

~Check out our friends blog: http://www.hantla.com/kiki/ Her blog has amazing coupon codes for things related to parenthood. Most recently she had codes for B1G1 on baby legs, and a $10 starbucks card for the price of $5!!!!

~babysteals.com has a new item at 9am and 9pm every day that is on super sale. They are usually luxury boutique items that make great gifts.

~Groupon.com allows you to type in your city and you get an email every day with an amazing deal to local restaurants, events, or salons.

~The library is my friend! Our library has a free lapsit program every Wednesday for babies. It is a story, song, dance time for babies and their mommas. Most libraries have infant and child DVD's that can be rented. I love this because Laken loves Baby Einstein and they can cost around $16 a piece to buy and she grows out of the content every 3 months. You can also check out culture passes to Phoenix attractions (desert botanical gardens, the phoenix zoo, and the AZ Science center).

~Bath and Body Works. We all want to feel pretty right?.......and/or mask the lingering smell of spit up in our hair;) From my years (yes years during college) of work at BBW I learned that I really should only shop here two times a year. June and January Sales are huge and literally most items are at least half of at these times. I stock up for Christmas gifts and my own stash. The same is true for Victoria Secret (their sister store).

~Set up a coupon email account. I hate when stores ask for my email address and then my inbox fills up with endless junk that is difficult to sort through.....but at the same time I don't want to miss out on a deal. So I set up an email account just for coupons. I've found that most dept store coupons by email are better than the ones you find in print.

*If you have more ideas or tips please send them my way. Special thanks to all the ladies who have shared their secrets with me.....and most of all to my momma (the ultimate frugal queen!)

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