Mama, Get Your Sexy Back ;)

Uggggg it's that time, Laken is now 10 weeks old and Mama is showing the wear and tear of mommyhood. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, "who is that?" it is amazing how 10 months of growing a baby and getting her started in the world can age you by 5 years (and that is a moderate estimate!) The comments, "you look tired." and the sprouting brown roots are screaming, "Mama, get your sexy back!" So this is why I am blogging today as a contract to everyone who reads this, I vow to: 1) highlight my hair this weekend and 2) work out five times a week! This week I joined a gym. I love little Laken but my 45 minute workout alone is amazing.....talk about motivation. The gym has child care, and you can watch your babies on the tv screen while you are working out. The lady who watches babyland is so nice and we have a lot in common......so great to leave Laken in good hands. So far, she has been the only baby and gets rocked the whole time. For those of you who do not live in AZ, there are senior citizens everywhere. They love it down here, and as my grandpa's friend told me last fall, "It's mating season for snowbirds!" Hahaha. During the time that I workout, the gym is packed with senior citizens and yesterday I found out that it is "Silver Sneaker Hour!" Perfect for a new mom who has not worked out in ages! Today I had to sign a get well card for Phyllis who is having knee replacement surgery. I don't know who Phyllis is but lets all wish her well! So here is goodbye to those lingering 15 pounds and larger than usual junk in the trunk.....See ya!


  1. U go girl! I've got 24 more pounds to go so I know the feelin! U can do it! If u ever wanna do my 3 mile loop let me know.

  2. You rock. I need to get my sexy back, too - the other day someone asked me when I was DUE!

  3. I feel ya haha, its been two years and I still have the weight to lose!! i should join this bandwagon with you!!