3 Month Stats

*I am not sure on my height and weight because I do not have another Dr. appointment until 4 months. But mom is having a harder time carrying my car seat.
*My parents had to pack up many of my newborn and 0-3 clothes because I have outgrown them!
*I am in Size 1-2 diapers.
*My hair is auburn and even looks red in the sunlight!
*I am still breastfeeding and am able to anticipate when it is time to eat. I spit up a lot.
*I'm able to show more of my personality with lots of expressions and vocalization. Check out the video of me "talking" to Dad.
*My laugh sounds like, "Woooo!" and I squeal with delight all of the time!
*I have a crooked smile!
*I fake cough to get your attention ;)
*I love to suck my thumb and sometimes wake my parents up with suckling sounds.
*I sleep through the night!!!
*I continue to bat at my toys with my hands and have just started to kick them as well.
*I grab my moms hair and jewelry.
*Bath time is my favorite event of the day.
*I love to go on walks and to watch others feed the ducks outside the condo.
*I've started to attend Lapsit for Babies every Wednesday with my baby friends.
*I am able to roll over if my parents tuck one of my arms under me.
*My new favorite song (with motions ofcourse, and I know what is coming next so NO cheating ;) "Criss cross applesauce" [cross my legs back and forth], "a tickle up and a tickle down" [tickle me up and down], "a cool breeze" [blow on my face, I squint in advance], "a gentle squeeze" [or just hug me I like it better], "and now I've got the sillies" [tickle my chin and neck, it makes me laugh.....and take your time on this one]!

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