Today was one of those days

Today was one of those days when you wake up and think of everything that you wish that you could change in your life, while stuffing your face with cheese puffs! That was today for me. Mostly I just miss my family and friends, and I'm sad that Laken will miss out on their love during the beginning of her life. But thank goodness I picked myself up off the couch and put my big girl panties on, and guess what my day turned around. Laken and I went to a killer play date with our friends from our mommy and me group. They always make us feel human again, and its great to chat with other people going through the same journey! Oh and three of my very best friends in the world called today (my mom, Morgan and Stephanie!) Plus my crazily stressed and busy - has the weight of the world on his shoulders - husband posted a kiss on my facebook page;) And the best part of the day is right now......my two loves are sleeping peacefully in the living room. Its funny how much your perception of life can change in one little day. Today was one of those days when you realize just how lucky you are and that you are truly blessed! That was today for me!

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