Walks on the Lake with Little Lake

There are a few days here and there where it is cool enough for us to take Laken out on walks in the evening. There is a path outside the condos with shops on the other side that goes all the way around the lake. Laken loves it, rarely fusses, and spends most of her time looking up at the palm tree leaves and studying our faces. Last night we walked her to Pita Jungle and had dinner on the patio. She took Sophie along for the ride and I have to say that the kid really likes that toy!

*Milestone* Laken has a tooth!!!! We discovered it last week and we have no idea how long that she has had it. It is a little white cap on her bottom right gum line.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Chase had 12 teeth by the time he turned one, but I don't remember it starting that early. She will be a pro at brushing her teeth by the time she is six months:)