I'm weak.......broke down and bought the Sophie!

Really this toy cracks me up! I can't even count the amount of well meaning mothers who have told me that Laken NEEDS the Sophie. Apparently it is amazing for teething babies, and every Hollywood baby has one. Seriously? Looks like a dogs chew toy to me! Chase and I have made fun of it on numerous occasions. But I swear this toy is haunting me. Every time I stop by Buy Buy Baby this giraffe is bursting out of the isles on an end cap. At Laken's play group I've run across other moms who have broke and the illusive Sophie is peaking out of the diaper bag glaring at me. I feel like it is screaming in fancy French, "Laken needs me!" So I caved and guess what, I purchased the overpriced doggie chew toy named Sophie. Chase rolled his eyes when he found it stuffed in the back of Laken's dresser!

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