2 Month Stats

* I am now 11 lbs 1 oz and in the normal range for height and weight!
* I am 22 1/2 inches long.
* I am in Size 1 diapers, and o-3 month clothing.
* My pediatrician says that I am meeting and exceeding developmental milestones, despite being premature.
* I smile and squeal with delight.
* Sounds that I like to make, "nnnggeeee" and "wwwhoo."
* I try to communicate with my parents and stuffed animals by "cooing."
* I like to look at myself and my parents in the mirror.
* I joined a baby gym for 0-6 month olds, and love it! We sing, practice neck control, cross our legs, look at the other babies, follow bubbles, scarfs, brightly colored objects and puppets.
* I love baby einstein videos and watch them so that Mom can get ready in the morning.
* I am able to sit in my bumbo chair.
* During tummy time I lift my head and kick my feet.
* I can hold objects like toy rattles for a little while. I like my toys that make noises and I like to listen to singing, baby CD's and daddy's guitar.
* I now sleep for 5 and a half hours before needing a snack to make it through the night.

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