Family Day out in Tempe

Yesterday Chase worked late into the night on labor and delivery and the hospital gave him today off. So we went on a spontaneous family day out in Tempe. We have never been down to the Mill area around ASU and wanted to check it out. The area is really fun with a lot of little shops and fun restaurants. Here are some pictures we took at Gordon Biersch. Laken was fascinated by the fans on the ceiling. Good times!


2 Month Bloopers and Video

2 Month Stats

* I am now 11 lbs 1 oz and in the normal range for height and weight!
* I am 22 1/2 inches long.
* I am in Size 1 diapers, and o-3 month clothing.
* My pediatrician says that I am meeting and exceeding developmental milestones, despite being premature.
* I smile and squeal with delight.
* Sounds that I like to make, "nnnggeeee" and "wwwhoo."
* I try to communicate with my parents and stuffed animals by "cooing."
* I like to look at myself and my parents in the mirror.
* I joined a baby gym for 0-6 month olds, and love it! We sing, practice neck control, cross our legs, look at the other babies, follow bubbles, scarfs, brightly colored objects and puppets.
* I love baby einstein videos and watch them so that Mom can get ready in the morning.
* I am able to sit in my bumbo chair.
* During tummy time I lift my head and kick my feet.
* I can hold objects like toy rattles for a little while. I like my toys that make noises and I like to listen to singing, baby CD's and daddy's guitar.
* I now sleep for 5 and a half hours before needing a snack to make it through the night.


Meeting Great Grandma Lola

We met Grandma Lola for lunch today in Tempe at Ruby Tuesdays. Laken is Lola's 1st great-grandchild! Lola cracked me and Chase up. For those of you who have never met her, she is very snazzy and spry for 80 years old! She commented that, "Animal print is very in this year." regarding Laken's car seat. And she told us that she was worried that Laken did not have any clothes because in all of the pictures on her birth announcement she was not wearing any! We had a good laugh and a good time.


~ 8 weeks

I chose these two photos because they show the silly expressions that she is making. Her face is really expressive and let me tell you what, the girl can give a nasty look when she is mad. Chase pointed out last night that "she gives the same evil look as momma with those eyebrows when she is mad!" The first picture Chase titled "The Towliban"!

Walks on the Lake with Little Lake

There are a few days here and there where it is cool enough for us to take Laken out on walks in the evening. There is a path outside the condos with shops on the other side that goes all the way around the lake. Laken loves it, rarely fusses, and spends most of her time looking up at the palm tree leaves and studying our faces. Last night we walked her to Pita Jungle and had dinner on the patio. She took Sophie along for the ride and I have to say that the kid really likes that toy!

*Milestone* Laken has a tooth!!!! We discovered it last week and we have no idea how long that she has had it. It is a little white cap on her bottom right gum line.


I'm weak.......broke down and bought the Sophie!

Really this toy cracks me up! I can't even count the amount of well meaning mothers who have told me that Laken NEEDS the Sophie. Apparently it is amazing for teething babies, and every Hollywood baby has one. Seriously? Looks like a dogs chew toy to me! Chase and I have made fun of it on numerous occasions. But I swear this toy is haunting me. Every time I stop by Buy Buy Baby this giraffe is bursting out of the isles on an end cap. At Laken's play group I've run across other moms who have broke and the illusive Sophie is peaking out of the diaper bag glaring at me. I feel like it is screaming in fancy French, "Laken needs me!" So I caved and guess what, I purchased the overpriced doggie chew toy named Sophie. Chase rolled his eyes when he found it stuffed in the back of Laken's dresser!


Baby Einstein

Laken seems to really like Baby Einstein videos. I left her in the bouncer in front of the tv and heard her cooing at the animals on the screen, despite having a raging case of the hiccups! I took out the video camera and she started moving her arms to the music. She looks like a little composer in the video!

Swinging with Laken Video ~ 19 days old

Videos of Laken's First Bath

Birth of Laken Videos.....Finally

Ok so I think that I have finally figured out how to upload videos to the blog! So hang in there these are a little outdated......but posted specifically with grandparents in mind! (Start at the bottom)


Happy Grandparents Day!

To all of Laken's Grandparents! Happy Day!


1st Baseball Game

Laken went to her first baseball game tonight! Chase is playing on a city league team with Chris Coontz, his friend from high school. Laken was a big hit and seemed to enjoy spending time outside in the evening. I think Chase liked having his family there most of all! Chase hit a home run and the team won the game!

~ 7 weeks old

Tomorrow Laken will be 7 weeks old. She has almost grown out of this newborn outfit so I thought we better take pictures in it. Is the bow a bit much? Hahaha! She has been doing little bits of tummy time every day to help develop her neck muscles. It's fun to watch her grunt and try! She is able to hold her head up now, but gets tired pretty fast!


Today was one of those days

Today was one of those days when you wake up and think of everything that you wish that you could change in your life, while stuffing your face with cheese puffs! That was today for me. Mostly I just miss my family and friends, and I'm sad that Laken will miss out on their love during the beginning of her life. But thank goodness I picked myself up off the couch and put my big girl panties on, and guess what my day turned around. Laken and I went to a killer play date with our friends from our mommy and me group. They always make us feel human again, and its great to chat with other people going through the same journey! Oh and three of my very best friends in the world called today (my mom, Morgan and Stephanie!) Plus my crazily stressed and busy - has the weight of the world on his shoulders - husband posted a kiss on my facebook page;) And the best part of the day is right now......my two loves are sleeping peacefully in the living room. Its funny how much your perception of life can change in one little day. Today was one of those days when you realize just how lucky you are and that you are truly blessed! That was today for me!