Zero Month Stats

Here are Laken's "stats" for 0 months old:
*At my one and a half week old pediatrician visit I weighed 5 lbs, 14 ounces.
*I am too small for newborn diapers and clothing.
*I hate to take baths alone.
*I like to hold mommies finger while I nurse.
*I have dark blue eyes and brown hair. I'm rocking a mullet....business in the front (short hair) and party in the back (long hair).
*I look a lot like my daddy, but have my mom's birthmark in the middle of my forehead.
*Clothes are overrated!
*I reach for the toys on my toy gym.
*I mimic my dad when he sticks his tongue out.
*I like to look at my mom and my dad's faces.
*I've been out to eat several times.....I haven't tried anything off of the menu and always sleep through it.
*I'm not a big fan of my car seat, but it gets me where I need to go.
*I make a lot of noises....sighing, grunting, gurgling, sneezing, crying when I am hungry, snorting while I nurse, and suckling.
*I love music ("the itsy bitsy spider", "ickle pickle bumblebee", and anything on daddy's guitar).
*I make a lot of funny faces......taco tongue, wrinkled old man forehead, and wide open eyes.

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