Just a Little Off Balance

I'm starting to feel like a weeble wobble! Suddenly my feet turn outward and my belly extends farther forward than I ever imagined it could. I can now set a cereal bowl on the shelf that has emerged on the top of my stomach. I can not see my feet. Getting up from a seated or lying position requires some rolling and arm strength. Chase offers to help me up when I get up from the couch. Imagine me in the bathtub pushing off from the back splash in order to slide into a sitting position after washing my hair! It is really quite humorous. I am sure this image of a weeble wobble must be somewhat accurate, because random strangers are now offering to help me pack my groceries to the car at the store. People are singing happy birthday to the baby and asking questions about her when we haven't even mentioned her. Grandmothers are whipping out their brag books jam packed with photos of their grandbabies while waiting in line for coffee. They say it takes a village to raise a child and its pretty neat how suddenly people come out of the woodwork to help and offer advise. It is so funny and so worth the experience. I feel very lucky that I actually get to enjoy these things as they have not occurred until the end. 3 more weeks at a maximum until Laken will be here with us. In the mean time I am cracking myself up to pass the time.

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