Just a Little Off Balance

I'm starting to feel like a weeble wobble! Suddenly my feet turn outward and my belly extends farther forward than I ever imagined it could. I can now set a cereal bowl on the shelf that has emerged on the top of my stomach. I can not see my feet. Getting up from a seated or lying position requires some rolling and arm strength. Chase offers to help me up when I get up from the couch. Imagine me in the bathtub pushing off from the back splash in order to slide into a sitting position after washing my hair! It is really quite humorous. I am sure this image of a weeble wobble must be somewhat accurate, because random strangers are now offering to help me pack my groceries to the car at the store. People are singing happy birthday to the baby and asking questions about her when we haven't even mentioned her. Grandmothers are whipping out their brag books jam packed with photos of their grandbabies while waiting in line for coffee. They say it takes a village to raise a child and its pretty neat how suddenly people come out of the woodwork to help and offer advise. It is so funny and so worth the experience. I feel very lucky that I actually get to enjoy these things as they have not occurred until the end. 3 more weeks at a maximum until Laken will be here with us. In the mean time I am cracking myself up to pass the time.


Benihana's 34 weeks

This past week Chase had a long clinical rotation with an extra day of on call. So we decided to go out and do something special when he came home! We are so excited for Laken's birth, but also trying to cherish the time we have left with just the two of us. Date nights will soon turn into family nights! Some friends of ours told us about a fun restaurant called Benihana's. I found a coupon online to try it out. Yes we are turning into coupon and price match people........that's what anesthesia school and becoming a SAHM (stay at home mom) will do to you! The chef at Benihana's cooks your food on a Hibachi grill right in front of you! Then at the end of our meal, the waitresses came and sang a Japanese birthday song, "for the baby," and brought a birthday desert! That was so thoughtful of them. It was an awesome experience! Laken is 34 weeks and change in this photo. Recently we found out that Chase's next clinical rotation will be at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa, AZ! This is wonderful news as it is only a 20 minute drive from our new place. He is very relieved and excited to spend the evenings and weekends at home with the baby! Our Dr. appointment today went well. Laken has dropped even lower and my cervix is thinning out, but still closed! I now feel like I can make it another 2 weeks to the full term zone. This is remarkable and such a blessing since we have been dealing with preterm labor for over a month now! Someone is watching over this little angel!


Momma's Little Groupie

I had to laugh yesterday to myself. I was in the car running errands and suddenly my theme song, "Pour some sugar on Me" started to play on the radio. I turned up the music and for a split second forgot that I am 8 and a half months pregnant and started to sing and car dance. Then I noticed that Laken was squirming up a storm, and looked down at the stoplight and my stomach was rolling all over the place. Laken is a little Def Leopard groupie too! It made me think about how fun it will be when she is old enough to rock out in her car seat. I can just picture this sweet little innocent girl shouting, "Take a bottle, shake it up......!" I can't wait to meet her face to face and see what kind of a personality she will have. Most of all I can not wait to have a little buddy to spend our lives with! Rock out sweet baby.......Daddy will be proud!


***The Nursery***

It turned out just beautiful and we can not wait for the many hours that we will be spending with Laken in this special place. A lot of love and thought went into every detail. We hope you like it and are comfortable here baby!


Laken's wardrobe ~ we are busy washing and organizing each little outfit.

Her bassinet in our bedroom *patiently waiting for her sweet dreams!

The Car Seat ~ Daddy installed it this week!


33 and a half weeks

We are finally all moved into our new place in Chandler. Here is a picture of me for my daily trip out. It is now scorching hot here everyday (113 and beyond) and I start to feel icky when I spend much time out there. This is ok because I have some last minute things to put together and do in the condo, and I now sneak in a few naps a day! Our goal this week is to put the finishing touches on Laken's nursery. You can see the beginnings in the background. Laken is still very active and we are enjoying these last few weeks with her. By the end of this week she will be estimated at 5 lbs and 19 3/4 inches!


Just a touch of Martha in this Momma

I have been panicking because I absolutely love baby head bands and bows. However, they are really hard to find and often are not very soft for an infants head. So I learned how to make them myself! Here are a few that I finished tonight to match some of Laken's tiniest outfits......aren't they precious!