What's in a name........

Laken Rain Simpson

We have made a final decision on Laken's full name! Many of my family members have earthy names and so we decided to continue this tradition with our children many years ago. Chase came up with the name Laken for a girl sometime last year. He was just playing with earthy words out loud and suddenly it just came out and we both loved it. So back when Laken was just a dream, she already had a name! The middle name has taken much more consideration. We posted a poll for her middle name on the blog a few months ago and Rain was the winner hands down. We still needed time to think this over and had trouble eliminating our runners up.....Zoe, True, and Ari. But after many conversations we have decided that we like Rain the best as well! The last name was a given. We can't wait to meet the special personality that will define this name!

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