Kidney Infection and Contractions....Oh my!

Last fall I had repeated bouts of kidney infections that caused me to feel horrible and lose a lot of weight. They never found out the cause but I eventually got better. Due to this my OB had put me on a low dose antibiotic throughout the pregnancy to prevent this from occurring again. A little over a week ago, I started to feel sort of icky and was sleeping a lot again. On Wednesday morning, when I noticed the central back pain, my OB had me come in for what I thought was just going to be a urine test at the hospital. I was quickly sent to labor and delivery triage and had to put on a hospital gown, fill out paperwork, and get hooked up to monitors. I was shocked, but even more so when the nurse said she had to put in a catheter to get a better urine sample;( Then they hooked up the monitors to check for uterine activity and Laken's heart rate. I was having contractions all over the place! I had to have a medication called terbutaline to stop them! Then my urine analysis came back with a high white blood cell count/ translation: my kidney infection is back with a vengeance! The OB said I would have to be admitted to labor and delivery. I balled because I remember how sick I was last fall and I did not want Laken to have to go through that......or worse yet, be introduced to the world too early. Laken is now 30 weeks and has 6 more weeks to develop before she will be considered full term. The OB explained that the contractions were a result of my uterus being under stress from my kidney infection. I was taken to my own room where the shear panic set in. I did not have anything but the clothes I was wearing and my purse for the stay. And poor Chase was in surgery all day so I was unable to reach him until his shift was over. This was my first hospital stay in my life.......first catheter and first IV. Luckily I was exhausted and once all of my IV fluids and antibiotics were hooked up and the contractions were under control I took a nap. Later, a panicked Chase called and we decided to have him get out of clinicals early the next day to be with me. This was his very first week of clinicals in Flagstaff. It was a long three days with a lot of little scares. Every time I was hooked up to monitors more contractions would appear and little Laken's heart rate dipped a few times. So eventually the OB decided to put me on a permanent dose of the terbutaline to prevent and stop contractions. Since then, the contractions have been intermittent. Laken and I will be on the medication until 36 weeks when it will be OK for me to go into labor. Yesterday evening they let me come home on new antibiotics and terbutaline. I still have the mid back pain and my stomach is very sore from the contractions. The plan is for me to lay low and just relax for the next 6 weeks. Oh and some good news: During the three day blur of a stay they did and ultrasound and Laken scored an 8 out of 8 by sucking on her fingers, lots of movement, the right amount amniotic fluid, and by breathing (fluid)! The nurses always commented on how active and happy she was on the monitors! More updates to come!


  1. Rainy I am so sorry you had to go through that and most important I am sorry you had to expereince a cath... GAG I had Kidney infection with Ellie my first and had to have a cath. I am pretty sure that hurt worse then the whole delievery! I hope all continues to be well with you and baby Laken. Feel better soon and rest easy, find a good book, and kick your feet up!

  2. Rainy I will be praying for you that you will start feeling better and little Laken can stay inside for at least another 6 weeks. I'll be thinking about you. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Rainy-
    will you please call me when stuff like that happens. I will get a sitter and rush to the hospital asap to be with yoU! I don't want you to have to be there alone! Please, please call me next time! I am so glad everything is under control now!