I wonder.......

My mom (Grandma Ivy) writes the most tear jerking emails! They are so sweet. Since we are having the blog printed as Laken's pregnancy journal I just had to include this one from today for the baby to read one day:

"I have been watching your tummy video and thinking………

I wonder what that little bean of yours is doing in there? Do you suppose she is a dancer and dancing to the rhythm of her mother’s heart? Do you suppose she is a scientist testing the walls of her little world all warm and cozy with curious noises from an outside place? Do you suppose she is a caring person worried about the welfare of her mother (I know she feels your tears of concern, you know). Do you suppose she is an athlete stretching her muscles and testing her stamina to see how long she can kick just so? Do you suppose she is a traveler anxious to see other places and go wherever her wee legs can take her? Do you suppose she is a dreamer who after a whirlwind of activity and stimulation falls asleep in mommy’s tummy and dreams of things known only to her? She very well could be any of these things or all of them but mostly I think she is a little angel sent to spend the rest of your life with so that you will know the miracle of life and know how very precious we all are in God’s love. You are never closer to feeling God’s hands until you are part of the miracle of life and you indeed carry a wee miracle in that tummy of yours right now.

I love you sweetie,


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