Getting closer

On Sunday the 27th we were scheduled to try Laken's 3D ultrasound for the second time. At this point we were 32 weeks and it was questionable as to whether or not we would get a good image as we were nearing the end of the window of opportunity as the baby grows larger. Grandma Peggy and Cousin Michaela were here to help us move and were able to come along. The experience was slightly disappointing. Laken is now so low into the pelvis, and head down that in all of the images her features are squished and you are unable to see the top of her head. They still recorded a video of her, as they try to go back and forth from 2D to 3D to get a clear image. I had to get into some strange positions to try and get Laken to come up a little bit. Sometimes you can catch a clear glimpse of a little hand or foot. I am going to post the video, so that those who are dying to see more can........but you have to be patient it takes a while to see anything.

The next day we had a Dr's appointment. Dr. Folkestad confirmed that Laken is very low and head down. However, the cervix is still closed and thick so he is hopeful that she will hold tight for another 3 weeks, when it would be OK for her to come! I have been telling Chase that I can feel that the end is near. I just feel different: my belly is lower, the contractions feel like they are getting stronger (despite the terbutaline to stop them), and there is now a lot of pressure. I am certainly not hoping for an early delivery, but my intuition tells me to get ready NOW! Our bags are packed, just in case. If Laken is able to stay in, we are tentatively scheduled for induction on the 11th of August.

We are now all moved into the condo in Chandler! Special thanks to Grandma Peggy and Cousin Michaela.....we would not have been able to do it without you! Pictures of Laken's finished nursery to come!

Newsbreak: Laken's little friend was welcomed to the world by our good friends Mike and Lindsey Roughton on June 23, 2010. Brynnlea Opal Roughton was 9lbs 11 oz, and 21 inches long. Both Brynnlea and Lindsey are doing well and we can not wait to meet her!

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