30 weeks

Today we went in for another Dr.'s visit. I am still having the central pain in my right abdomen and back. They ran a few tests and my kidney infection is healing! However, we discovered that the pain is a result of gallbladder issues. They did an ultrasound to take a peak at it and the gallbladder is misshaped (from the pregnancy) and also appears to have stones in it. It is quite painful but they are unable to remove the gallbladder since I am so far along. If it continues to cause me problems after delivery I may have to have it removed. For now I have to take pain medications and change my diet to help alleviate the pain. Since we were there, they said we could do our 3D DVD ultrasound as well! Here is a picture from this. Laken has her eyes open and her chord is covering her lower lip and chin. Once again she is camera shy so they decided to schedule another appointment for the actual DVD on the 28th. We are hoping to be able to post the DVD on the blog later this month!

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