Getting closer

On Sunday the 27th we were scheduled to try Laken's 3D ultrasound for the second time. At this point we were 32 weeks and it was questionable as to whether or not we would get a good image as we were nearing the end of the window of opportunity as the baby grows larger. Grandma Peggy and Cousin Michaela were here to help us move and were able to come along. The experience was slightly disappointing. Laken is now so low into the pelvis, and head down that in all of the images her features are squished and you are unable to see the top of her head. They still recorded a video of her, as they try to go back and forth from 2D to 3D to get a clear image. I had to get into some strange positions to try and get Laken to come up a little bit. Sometimes you can catch a clear glimpse of a little hand or foot. I am going to post the video, so that those who are dying to see more can........but you have to be patient it takes a while to see anything.

The next day we had a Dr's appointment. Dr. Folkestad confirmed that Laken is very low and head down. However, the cervix is still closed and thick so he is hopeful that she will hold tight for another 3 weeks, when it would be OK for her to come! I have been telling Chase that I can feel that the end is near. I just feel different: my belly is lower, the contractions feel like they are getting stronger (despite the terbutaline to stop them), and there is now a lot of pressure. I am certainly not hoping for an early delivery, but my intuition tells me to get ready NOW! Our bags are packed, just in case. If Laken is able to stay in, we are tentatively scheduled for induction on the 11th of August.

We are now all moved into the condo in Chandler! Special thanks to Grandma Peggy and Cousin Michaela.....we would not have been able to do it without you! Pictures of Laken's finished nursery to come!

Newsbreak: Laken's little friend was welcomed to the world by our good friends Mike and Lindsey Roughton on June 23, 2010. Brynnlea Opal Roughton was 9lbs 11 oz, and 21 inches long. Both Brynnlea and Lindsey are doing well and we can not wait to meet her!


Messages to Laken from her Baby Shower

A few more shower pictures from Liz

Liz and I have a picture back from our Jr. High days where we had stuffed pillows into our flannel t-shirts so that we would look pregnant! She had a great idea to recreate the moment now that we really have babies in our bellies at the same time! Someday I will scrapbook the two photos side by side.

Aunt Dusty makes really soft and comfy blankets for the whole family. She made a special one fore Laken too!

The Breen women. This picture makes me wish that Grandma Breen was here with us all as well. She loved all the little babies in the family......especially Madi (on the stool).


Thirty one and a half weeks

This is one of those creepy bathroom self portrait shots!!!! But I'm alone and wanted to post a picture of my growing little baby bump today. She is a good excuse for tacky!


Laken's Baby Shower

On May 22nd we were able to go back home to Orofino for Laken's Baby Shower and BBQ. My best friends Liz, Morgan and Stephanie threw my baby shower. Grandma Ivy and Grandpa Rod hosted a BBQ for friends and family after wards. It was such a nice visit and a very special day!

Aunt Debbie took the 1st two photos of Dad and Mom at the BBQ that followed the baby shower. Notice that Daddy's shirt says, "Baby Daddy"!

Lisa Hana made a banner for the shower

Liz had the cake made by Ronatta's Cakery to match Laken's nursery

Aunt Dusty cutting the cake

Stephanie made a table full of beautiful sweets

My favorite gift was a handmade rocking horse made by Rachel Benson, Cathi and Don Jenni, and hand painted by Grandma Ivy to match Laken's nursery

Aunt Dusty, Cousin Cherridan, Grandma Ivy, Mom, and Grandma Olene

Grandma Peggy

Grandma Leslie and Aunt Abbie

Grandma Ivy (she is just a little excited)!

Great Aunt Red and her nieces Rainy and Dusty

Cousin Melody, Great Aunt Pat, and Cousin Madi

Holding my good friend Amanda's baby Savonni for the 1st time

Savonni and Amanda, Morgan, Liz, Mom, Stephanie, and Lindsey

Mommies 2 Be and Laken's friends (all due the summer and fall of 2010)

Stephanie, Mom, and Morgan


My Love and My Laken

Chase's first week in Flagstaff was a hard one for us all. I cried when he left and I think he had a tough time saying bye to Laken too (he rubbed my belly and said, "bye baby" for a little longer that usual when he left:) When I arrived home from work I was so surprised to find little notes to me and Laken all over the house! The final one was a poem under the covers on my side of the bed!


I wonder.......

My mom (Grandma Ivy) writes the most tear jerking emails! They are so sweet. Since we are having the blog printed as Laken's pregnancy journal I just had to include this one from today for the baby to read one day:

"I have been watching your tummy video and thinking………

I wonder what that little bean of yours is doing in there? Do you suppose she is a dancer and dancing to the rhythm of her mother’s heart? Do you suppose she is a scientist testing the walls of her little world all warm and cozy with curious noises from an outside place? Do you suppose she is a caring person worried about the welfare of her mother (I know she feels your tears of concern, you know). Do you suppose she is an athlete stretching her muscles and testing her stamina to see how long she can kick just so? Do you suppose she is a traveler anxious to see other places and go wherever her wee legs can take her? Do you suppose she is a dreamer who after a whirlwind of activity and stimulation falls asleep in mommy’s tummy and dreams of things known only to her? She very well could be any of these things or all of them but mostly I think she is a little angel sent to spend the rest of your life with so that you will know the miracle of life and know how very precious we all are in God’s love. You are never closer to feeling God’s hands until you are part of the miracle of life and you indeed carry a wee miracle in that tummy of yours right now.

I love you sweetie,


30 weeks

Today we went in for another Dr.'s visit. I am still having the central pain in my right abdomen and back. They ran a few tests and my kidney infection is healing! However, we discovered that the pain is a result of gallbladder issues. They did an ultrasound to take a peak at it and the gallbladder is misshaped (from the pregnancy) and also appears to have stones in it. It is quite painful but they are unable to remove the gallbladder since I am so far along. If it continues to cause me problems after delivery I may have to have it removed. For now I have to take pain medications and change my diet to help alleviate the pain. Since we were there, they said we could do our 3D DVD ultrasound as well! Here is a picture from this. Laken has her eyes open and her chord is covering her lower lip and chin. Once again she is camera shy so they decided to schedule another appointment for the actual DVD on the 28th. We are hoping to be able to post the DVD on the blog later this month!

What's in a name........

Laken Rain Simpson

We have made a final decision on Laken's full name! Many of my family members have earthy names and so we decided to continue this tradition with our children many years ago. Chase came up with the name Laken for a girl sometime last year. He was just playing with earthy words out loud and suddenly it just came out and we both loved it. So back when Laken was just a dream, she already had a name! The middle name has taken much more consideration. We posted a poll for her middle name on the blog a few months ago and Rain was the winner hands down. We still needed time to think this over and had trouble eliminating our runners up.....Zoe, True, and Ari. But after many conversations we have decided that we like Rain the best as well! The last name was a given. We can't wait to meet the special personality that will define this name!

First Hiccups

This morning bright and early we felt Laken hiccup for the first time! I woke up on my back with my hand resting on my tummy and felt a strange rhythmic movement. After feeling it for a few minutes and determining what it was, I woke up Chase for this little milestone. He felt it too for several minutes! These special moments are cherished even more after our bump in the road this past week;)


Laken's Lullaby

Daddy likes to sing and play songs for Laken. It is so cute! Some are silly but most of them are just sweet. I think she likes them. Mom does.


Kidney Infection and Contractions....Oh my!

Last fall I had repeated bouts of kidney infections that caused me to feel horrible and lose a lot of weight. They never found out the cause but I eventually got better. Due to this my OB had put me on a low dose antibiotic throughout the pregnancy to prevent this from occurring again. A little over a week ago, I started to feel sort of icky and was sleeping a lot again. On Wednesday morning, when I noticed the central back pain, my OB had me come in for what I thought was just going to be a urine test at the hospital. I was quickly sent to labor and delivery triage and had to put on a hospital gown, fill out paperwork, and get hooked up to monitors. I was shocked, but even more so when the nurse said she had to put in a catheter to get a better urine sample;( Then they hooked up the monitors to check for uterine activity and Laken's heart rate. I was having contractions all over the place! I had to have a medication called terbutaline to stop them! Then my urine analysis came back with a high white blood cell count/ translation: my kidney infection is back with a vengeance! The OB said I would have to be admitted to labor and delivery. I balled because I remember how sick I was last fall and I did not want Laken to have to go through that......or worse yet, be introduced to the world too early. Laken is now 30 weeks and has 6 more weeks to develop before she will be considered full term. The OB explained that the contractions were a result of my uterus being under stress from my kidney infection. I was taken to my own room where the shear panic set in. I did not have anything but the clothes I was wearing and my purse for the stay. And poor Chase was in surgery all day so I was unable to reach him until his shift was over. This was my first hospital stay in my life.......first catheter and first IV. Luckily I was exhausted and once all of my IV fluids and antibiotics were hooked up and the contractions were under control I took a nap. Later, a panicked Chase called and we decided to have him get out of clinicals early the next day to be with me. This was his very first week of clinicals in Flagstaff. It was a long three days with a lot of little scares. Every time I was hooked up to monitors more contractions would appear and little Laken's heart rate dipped a few times. So eventually the OB decided to put me on a permanent dose of the terbutaline to prevent and stop contractions. Since then, the contractions have been intermittent. Laken and I will be on the medication until 36 weeks when it will be OK for me to go into labor. Yesterday evening they let me come home on new antibiotics and terbutaline. I still have the mid back pain and my stomach is very sore from the contractions. The plan is for me to lay low and just relax for the next 6 weeks. Oh and some good news: During the three day blur of a stay they did and ultrasound and Laken scored an 8 out of 8 by sucking on her fingers, lots of movement, the right amount amniotic fluid, and by breathing (fluid)! The nurses always commented on how active and happy she was on the monitors! More updates to come!


Our little Star on the big screen!

This is our first video with our new video camera. Laken is quite active tonight and we thought that we would share with everyone. Click on the play button in the left bottom corner of the black box to watch. This week Laken is approximately 3 pounds and 17 inches long. Enjoy!