The Nomad and his Gypsie

Sometimes things just fall from the sky that fit perfectly into your plans. A couple of weeks ago, Chase and I found out that our apartments rent was going to raise by $250 if we decided to stay here. That would put our rent at almost equal to our entire house payment back in Idaho. We also were scared to move to somewhere new as Chase begins his clinicals in June and we are unsure where we will be from one 3 month rotation to the next. Needless to say, we were stressed to the max, but then things just worked out. One of our friends owns a condo in Chandler AZ (just to the south of Scottsdale, its really all Phoenix somehow). Currently we live in the Northwest corner and will be moving to the Southeast corner. We are going to rent the condo. The condo is in a nice location not far from the green belts and is located on a lake. We really could not ask for a more perfect scenario for our growing family right now. So when our lease is up in the beginning of July we will be moving. Just in time to get settled in before Laken's arrival. I think she will like the new place, its right next to the lake and walking path with ducks. One of our favorite restaurants has patio seating right across the lake from us within walking distance, and the Phoenix clinical sites are closer for Chase so dad will be close. Many of the girls in the mommy-2-be/ becoming mommy and me group live in this suburb as well. So now we can relax and get ready for our trip home to Idaho at the end of next week!

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