6 months!

Laken is officially 6 months in utero! She is now the size of a small doll and would be "viable" if born today. To celebrate we had a family day at As You Wish Pottery. Chase and I made Laken a piggy bank together! It took us three hours......the colors appear muted right now, but after it bakes in the kiln it will be more vibrant. We can pick it up in a few days and then it will go into Laken's nursery. Chase painted his side with an "L" monogram and I painted mine green with white polka dots like her bedding.

Yesterday we had another Dr's appointment. Moms blood pressure was perfect, and Laken's measurements and heartrate are within normal range! We got a Dr's note to fly back home to Idaho in 3 weeks and discussed pain medications for birth. It would be quite ironic if Chase and I opted out of an epidural, as this will be his profession. We were more concerned about the high rate of cesarean's performed in the U.S. Our Dr. explained that the hospital we are delivering at is below the national average for cesarean's. He had an interesting take on things and suggested that if Laken's labor does not begin naturally by the 38th week of pregnancy, that we can significantly reduce our risk of cesarian section too only 6% by having her scheduled for induction at 39 weeks! This scared me, but one of Chase's professors confirmed this statistic the very next day. So it is an option that we will have to think about.


  1. I was induced with all three of my kids! And I wouldn't have it any other way! Don't be scared! It was actually less scary for me to have it planned and under control from the moment I walked in the hospital!

  2. Thanks Shannon.....I may just need to call you with questions on this one;)