3rd Trimester Dr. Apt.

Today we had a Dr. apt (the first since our 3rd trimester began). Little Laken is measuring 2 pounds (right on track), moms blood pressure is perfect, and the Dr. even remarked, "Those are the skinniest ankles I have ever seen on a pregnant women in her 3rd trimester. You're not swollen at all!" I don't want to jinx this pregnancy, but things are going so well that I joked with Chase that I would consider becoming a surrogate for other couples. Hahaha! My only complaint at this point is the heart burn. We discussed this with the OBGYN and he said that it is actually beneficial to pop as many as 10 tums a day. Apparently the extra calcium benefits the pregnancy as during the last trimester Laken is draining my bones of calcium. The heart burn is caused by Laken and the uterus pressing on my stomach and pushing it further north than my body is used too. I also took the gestational diabetes test, which was not bad at all. They had me drink a bottle of sweet fruit punch an hour before drawing my blood. The results come back in a few days, and hey I even got taken to breakfast afterwords.....Chase felt bad that Laken and I had to skip breakfast and fast before the test. We have another appointment four weeks from now, and then we will start having them every 2 weeks! 6 weeks from now we will see little Laken again at her 3d ultrasound!

Chase just finished up his last test for finals and is now done with classes! He will now become a 2nd year student, and only has 15 months of clinical rotations before he will graduate. Its hard to believe that we have already lived in AZ for a year. And this next year will fly by with little Laken entering our lives! Lots of adventure to come!

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