3rd Trimester Dr. Apt.

Today we had a Dr. apt (the first since our 3rd trimester began). Little Laken is measuring 2 pounds (right on track), moms blood pressure is perfect, and the Dr. even remarked, "Those are the skinniest ankles I have ever seen on a pregnant women in her 3rd trimester. You're not swollen at all!" I don't want to jinx this pregnancy, but things are going so well that I joked with Chase that I would consider becoming a surrogate for other couples. Hahaha! My only complaint at this point is the heart burn. We discussed this with the OBGYN and he said that it is actually beneficial to pop as many as 10 tums a day. Apparently the extra calcium benefits the pregnancy as during the last trimester Laken is draining my bones of calcium. The heart burn is caused by Laken and the uterus pressing on my stomach and pushing it further north than my body is used too. I also took the gestational diabetes test, which was not bad at all. They had me drink a bottle of sweet fruit punch an hour before drawing my blood. The results come back in a few days, and hey I even got taken to breakfast afterwords.....Chase felt bad that Laken and I had to skip breakfast and fast before the test. We have another appointment four weeks from now, and then we will start having them every 2 weeks! 6 weeks from now we will see little Laken again at her 3d ultrasound!

Chase just finished up his last test for finals and is now done with classes! He will now become a 2nd year student, and only has 15 months of clinical rotations before he will graduate. Its hard to believe that we have already lived in AZ for a year. And this next year will fly by with little Laken entering our lives! Lots of adventure to come!


Sneak Peak Preview?

This whole nine month waiting thing is driving Rainy and myself crazy. Thanks to an idea from one of our friends, I was able to morph a picture of Rainy and myself together at morphthing.com. The craziest part about it....the website didn't specify boy or girl and this is the picture that popped up. When I look close I see both of us. If nothing else it was a good way to spend 45 minutes of my day! Enjoy.

Story time with Laken ~6 1/2 months


Poolside 26 weeks

Laying by the cool pool is bliss, especially when it is already 100 degrees and your 6 and a half months preggo in Arizona!

Laken's Manuals

Who said that babies do not come with handbooks? I am forever grateful for all of the information that is out there and we are accumulating quite a library for Laken. Not to mention the collection of my treasures (my children's books). I can't wait to read her all of my favorite's that have been gathered throughout the years from my time at LCSC in Children's Literature. I love to read. And when I was a little girl I would mow through books, somewhere I lost interest in high school. But regained my love of books in college, thanks to Gwen Taylor. I can't wait to share them all with my little girl!


The Nomad and his Gypsie

Sometimes things just fall from the sky that fit perfectly into your plans. A couple of weeks ago, Chase and I found out that our apartments rent was going to raise by $250 if we decided to stay here. That would put our rent at almost equal to our entire house payment back in Idaho. We also were scared to move to somewhere new as Chase begins his clinicals in June and we are unsure where we will be from one 3 month rotation to the next. Needless to say, we were stressed to the max, but then things just worked out. One of our friends owns a condo in Chandler AZ (just to the south of Scottsdale, its really all Phoenix somehow). Currently we live in the Northwest corner and will be moving to the Southeast corner. We are going to rent the condo. The condo is in a nice location not far from the green belts and is located on a lake. We really could not ask for a more perfect scenario for our growing family right now. So when our lease is up in the beginning of July we will be moving. Just in time to get settled in before Laken's arrival. I think she will like the new place, its right next to the lake and walking path with ducks. One of our favorite restaurants has patio seating right across the lake from us within walking distance, and the Phoenix clinical sites are closer for Chase so dad will be close. Many of the girls in the mommy-2-be/ becoming mommy and me group live in this suburb as well. So now we can relax and get ready for our trip home to Idaho at the end of next week!


"All bad art is the result of good intentions." -Oscar Wilde

Our three hour masterpiece is a flop! I love this Oscar Wilde quote because it really is true. Chase and I just thought this would be the sweetest most thoughtful gift for Laken that she would treasure.......and potentially display in her dorm room when she goes off to college! HAHAHAHA! This poor pig is hideous with streaks and spots, despite three coats of paint! And the messages on the bottom should read, "with love dad", "5-1-10" and "Love you mom (not man!)" Oh gees, it might be displayed in her closet as it is a giant eye sore. We keep turning it in different directions hoping it will get better, but it doesn't. Who would have guessed that my mother is an art teacher! But the memory was worth it!


Love grows!

I Am Not Alone
Running errands and talking on the phone,
I am pleasantly reminded that I am not alone.
Little tiny hands a precious rounded knee
pushing and twisting that no one can see.
Oh sweet child kicking up your heels,
it is our little secret that only I can feel.
I look forward to your birth,
when I can kiss your skin,
but for now I will just smile,
As I feel you play within.
Author Unknown

Laken Simpson 6 months

6 months!

Laken is officially 6 months in utero! She is now the size of a small doll and would be "viable" if born today. To celebrate we had a family day at As You Wish Pottery. Chase and I made Laken a piggy bank together! It took us three hours......the colors appear muted right now, but after it bakes in the kiln it will be more vibrant. We can pick it up in a few days and then it will go into Laken's nursery. Chase painted his side with an "L" monogram and I painted mine green with white polka dots like her bedding.

Yesterday we had another Dr's appointment. Moms blood pressure was perfect, and Laken's measurements and heartrate are within normal range! We got a Dr's note to fly back home to Idaho in 3 weeks and discussed pain medications for birth. It would be quite ironic if Chase and I opted out of an epidural, as this will be his profession. We were more concerned about the high rate of cesarean's performed in the U.S. Our Dr. explained that the hospital we are delivering at is below the national average for cesarean's. He had an interesting take on things and suggested that if Laken's labor does not begin naturally by the 38th week of pregnancy, that we can significantly reduce our risk of cesarian section too only 6% by having her scheduled for induction at 39 weeks! This scared me, but one of Chase's professors confirmed this statistic the very next day. So it is an option that we will have to think about.