Waiting for Laken is a test of patience. We have waited so long for a baby and its hard to believe she is getting so close to joining us! We dream and talk about the day when she will make her grand entrance. It's beginning to feel like we are getting to know her. The other night Chase was talking to her up close (face pressed into my tummy) and Laken kicked him by his eye. He backed up startled "woah" and then said, "Hi, Lakey!" And now you can see Laken moving from the outside. She looks like little waves in the belly, and continues to favor just to the right of my belly button. We wonder what kind of little one she will be and what the future holds for our family. I can't count the amount of times we have looked through her closet and imagined her in all of her tiny things. Sometimes we put them out on her dresser, and just look at them for a couple of days. Laken you are well worth the wait and we are enjoying every moment of this journey with you!

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