Tales from a Preggo's Belly

There is just something about blogging that is very cathartic! Or maybe it's pregnancy brain as Laken is all I seem to think and talk about anymore. Somewhere I read that your brain actually changes in pregnancy and many of the prior connections you had in your brain actually die in order to make room for new pathways related to parenthood. I'm buying this theory! Anyhow this has been a week full of events related to the expanding belly. It started with the beginning of the week when Chase double took my tummy and said, "DDDDDDAAAAAMMMNNN!" I was actually excited because I am so tired of hearing, "You hardly look pregnant, are you eating enough, and you can't be that far along," from random strangers. Just in case anyone does not understand, to a women who is planning every meal and action around her growing baby these are very critical statements! As the belly grows my jeans are starting to irritate the sensitive stretched out skin. So I went out and bought a few maternity items, and they are truly like heaven. In the dressing room, I literally did a little dance because I was so comfortable and my belly was out and free from denim constraints. Unfortunately the gloriousness of maternity wear was short lived. That night I wore a maternity summer dress out to dinner with friends. WARNING: There is something about maternity clothing that makes people want to touch your belly!!!!! Now I do not mind friends touching my stomach, or even people who ask. But it was literally like the flood gates were open and people (who maybe had a few drinks prior) began rubbing and caressing my belly. Now don't get me wrong, they were very sweet. But Laken is not a magic genie, and my stomach is currently the most sensitive "bottle" in the world! Today Chase and I were at the pool, and a women asked me how far along I was! Yeah someone was so sure that I was pregnant that they were willing to ask me about it, instead of just staring with an inquisitive look in their eyes! I think I can get used to this. In a strange way I feel like a historical site on the side of a scenic highway. However, I'm seriously considering a blinging necklace that spells out, "Please do not touch."

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