Laken's Full Anatomy Scan

I think Laken looks like Chase already. She has his ears and nose!

Once again Laken is camera shy. She bury's her face into the bottom of the uterus. The ultrasound tech. had to shake my tummy to get her to turn around, and then she covered her face with her tiny hands!

Her little profile (tummy on the left, profile on the right)!

The Dr. says that Laken's anatomy is in perfect working order! She has a full bladder, which means a lot of things: her brain stem is intact because she is able to swallow amniotic fluid, her intestines, liver, and kidneys are working because she is eliminating the fluid. Her heart has four healthy chambers, her spinal chord is intact, and her lungs are practicing breathing fluid already. All of her measurements were right on track for her mid August arrival (including her head for those of you who were skeptical)!!! With the Dr. we have decided not to have the triple screen blood test as both Laken and I are in perfect health. The test would look for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down's syndrome and neural tube defects. Our Dr. is confident that with the clear ultrasound photos that neither one of these disorders will be an issue. And we are confident that we would love her all the same, and do not care to know in advance. We love looking at these new photos. The tech even let us see her in 3D! Unfortunately we have to wait until 28 weeks for the 1/2 an hour 3D video and photos. But we can't wait because the 3D images were so clear, and she looked just like the little baby that she is! Happy growing Laken!

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  1. We decided not to have the triple screen either. We would not have made any decisions based on the information anyways. Our doctor actually told us she does not recommend or order them unless the parents want it because it only tells you the odds of the baby having any defects, not definitively if the baby will have any disorders. Plus it's really complicated with twins, but besides the fact, you are not alone in not wanting to know because you will love her no matter what. Can't wait to meet her. I cannot explain how a baby totally steals your heart and you both will feel a love you have never felt before.