Class crack-up!!!

Rainy and I attended our first birthing class today! We are probably on the teacher's "bad" list after tonight. Surrounded by 9 other couples, Rainy and I sat quietly awaiting instruction on how to begin our relaxation breathing. After closing our eyes and deep breathing as a couple, the instructor continued to lead the exercise. In....out....in....out. All was fine until she asked us all to clench our buttcheeks and then relax. The chair/bench we had chosen to sit in was quite loud as we both clenched our buttcheeks....squeek....groan....silence. Rainy and I tried to mask our laughter but were unsuccessful. In a room full of 10 couples, one instructor, and soft ocean music playing, Rainy and I uncontrollably tried to stop the laughter. You know that laugh that is contagious but you are trying to hide that usually comes out as rapid breathing through your nose? That was the one....and we both had it. The breathing exercise continued for another 10 minutes longer than we had hoped it would. All the while, we continued to distract the class with bursts of air from our nostrils fighting back tears. The exercise ended with the lights being turned back on, an awkward stare from the instructor and more laughter that was even harder to hide in the light. We are hoping to redeem ourselves next week. Same place, same time.

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