Chase's Big Year

Chase is going to be so embarrassed when he checks this....but he has accomplished a lot this past year and I wanted to recognize that and let him know how proud we all are of him. It all started in May of 2009 when he started in one of the best Nurse Anesthesia programs in the West. Just getting in was an accomplishment in itself. Shortly after starting Chase became the class Vice President. And shortly after became the student representative for the State of Arizona's Nurse Anesthesia board. With all of his responsibilities with school he has managed to keep his grades up (receiving only one "B" which he is very upset about;). This week he was selected to attend the Washington, DC AANA assembly with a scholarship from the Idaho Association of Nurse Anesthetists! He is truly just brilliant in his families eyes, but he is very humble about it all and would never mention it. In addition Chase will turn 30 in May and is expecting his first little girl in August! I think he would tell you this is his biggest accomplishment (becoming a dad)! Classes will be coming to an end for Chase in May. He will spend his first clinical rotation in Flagstaff, AZ before Laken is born. We are crossing our fingers that he will return to a Phoenix hospital for the first 3 months of her life. And then our future is unclear and we are not sure where the next 9 months of clinical rotations will take our little family. One thing is for sure, Laken will be a seasoned traveler by the time she is one and daddy graduates! Congratulations Chase and keep up the good work!

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