Aunt Dusty Love!

I love my big sister Dusty!!! I just opened a pregnant girl care package from her tonight! She sent me really cute maternity shirts. This is amazing because it is so hard to find trendy maternity clothes that don't make you look like a big baby yourself! They are all really cute and fit awesome! The best part of my package was a load of worlds finest almond chocolate bars!!!!! I could melt them down and swim in them.....yummy! I have always loved them. I remember that in elementary school we were supposed to sell them for a fundraiser for some group......and I ate the whole box and had to confess to Mom and Rod so that I could pay for them!

Laken will be so lucky to have Aunt Dusty! She is amazing with children and is a great mother to my niece and nephew Cher and Zack! Thank you sissy!

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