22 1/2 week Ramble

Laken is really starting to show! This is me getting ready for work..........thrilled as you can tell. The last two days I've been pretty tired, so I think Laken is using lots of energy lately. My best friend Liz came to visit us over the weekend. We had lots of fun baby shopping and eating out! By the pool Liz got to feel Laken kick. I picked up the necklace in the photo while we were out and about. It is an owl.........that reminds me of Laken. Not that I would ever forget her since she kicks by the hour and is beginning to bump into things;) Her nursery is sort of vintage with birds and owls. My mom reminded me that both of my grandma's (Esther Richardson and Ruth Breen) both collected owls. So her nursery theme is generational!

On Monday I read a few stories to Laken while rocking in the recliner. She was very active and seems to enjoy story time already. When I massaged my tummy while reading, she would nudge right back. It is fun to see and feel her. She seems to prefer hanging out just to the right of my belly button. And sometimes there is a little bulge there, that we can see and feel, and Chase and I are pretty sure it is her back and bottom. Today I went out to lunch with another midwestern wife named Christine and her almost 3 year old son Jay. Christine's husband Dave is in the program with Chase. Christine was explaining to Jay that I am going to have a baby girl. He said he wants to take her down the slide at the park! So cute!

Tomorrow evening we start our prepared child birth and parenting classes at our hospital. We are excited that our hospital is less than a mile away and are anxious to start classes! More pics to come.

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  1. You look so good. Your classes should be fun, but as much research as you two have been doing on childbirth, you probably know it all.