21 Weeks!

Here is Laken and I at 21 weeks. My baby belly is really starting to pop now! Grandma Ivy asks for a belly picture on a weekly basis.....this should satisfy her for a little while. Chase and I are definitely nesting at this point. Most of her nursery is either set up or on back order. Today we were at Target looking for a bookshelf for her knick knacks, keepsakes, and board books. I thought it was so precious to listen to all of Dad's comments, "Laken would love to lay on this rug, it's so soft and colorful"......so cute!

I have been extremely lucky in the pregnancy so far and Laken is doing so well that I feel bad complaining. However, a few not-so-pleasant pregnancy symptoms are beginning to emerge. I am starting to get really hot in Phoenix! Today was close to 90 degrees and I am beginning to wonder how I am going to survive through the summer packing extra heat! Bring on the 80's sweat band and personal battery operated fans;) The other night I thought I was that awkward brace faced tween in Jr. High on a growth spurt. I woke up to cramps in my calves and feet. To alleviate the muscle spasms I marched right into the kitchen and downed a banana and a glass of milk. Unfortunately this gave me heart burn, like all foods do now, and I could not go back to sleep! And let's not even go into how hard it is to sleep on your left side all of the time. I often wake up flat on my back and panic that Laken's blood supply is cut off. Luckily she is most active when I am in bed and if I wait a while, she either nudges or rolls, and that reassures me! I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I have another meetup with other mommy's 2 be. Pregnant women are hilarious when they get together....and they make me feel at ease about all of the latest quirks. We are going to Fuddruckers because one of the mom's craves their burgers. She is so cute I have to quote her, " I love the cheese sauce, I put it on the top bun, the bottom bun, and dip it in extra sauce the whole way through!"

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