Half way home

On St. Patrick's Day we went out with friends to Guinness Lis Dun Varna an Irish restaurant in Phoenix. For those of you who know Chase well, he is Irish to the core and loves to speak in an Irish/Scottish accent. I am 50% Irish. So little Laken will be 75%! A super funny thing now was that back in August of last year Chase and I had a psychic reading done in Sedona, AZ. The psychic told us that we would be having our 1st child soon, her name would start with an "L," and she would be red headed and a spit fire! So far the psychic has been 100% accurate!!!

Breaking news: Laken is now half way done baking! We can't wait to meet her in the months to come!

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  1. I can't believe how fast time has flown for that little one to join your family! Congrats!