Vote: Boy or Girl?

Take the poll on the right side of the screen! In the upcoming month or so we will be finding out whether this little peanut is a girl or a boy. We have no preference, and it is so funny how many people ask, "What are you hoping for?" We just always respond, "A healthy human!"

This week I've been working on making a CD with lullabies. Pretty soon the baby can hear and feel movements. So we're looking forward to playing the little one songs. I posted a few of the songs on the blog. Chase has already started to read to baby and we love reading the book: Oh Baby the Places You'll Go, A Book to Be Read In Utero! The last page is super sweet, "So now, as my voice blurp-urps in your ear- with a bump-thumpy sound that is not very clear- the words I am saying you hear in your heart, and know that I wish you the very best start. It's a scrumptulous world and it's ready to greet you. And as for myself.....well....I can't wait to meet you!" Makes me tear up! Had to share.

Breaking news: Baby is now the size of a large lime and has fingernails!

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  1. I love your blog! I know you will be a great mommy!