Scary but worth it!

Today was a little scary for us. I was at work and got very nauseous all of the sudden, and then within 20 minutes I was light-headed and gripping the counter to keep from passing out. I got all clammy and just did not feel right. I decided to call my Dr's office to see if this was normal. The nurse decided I should probably be checked out. At the clinic I first got an ultrasound (see above). And baby was just fine and very active. Babies heart rate is 160. All of babies measurements look great. It was really neat to see all of the different views this time because "Lubs" (little unborn Baby Simpson) is much bigger now. On a front view Lubs even jumped out. It looked like the baby did a quick jumping jack towards the screen! Then I saw Dr. Folkestad who ran a few tests. Basically he said that I am just petite and that sometimes smaller women have symptoms similar to this in pregnancy. He went into a long explanation that pregnant women have increased blood volume, fluids, sudden drops in blood pressure, changing demands of cardiac function etc. And that I just don't have a lot of reserves for when these changes rapidly occur. Baby is on a huge growth spurt in their development and is getting all of the nutrients and stuff they need, but sometimes it can leave me a little short. So his orders are to lie down and push fluids whenever these symptoms occur. The only immediate dangers are falls or car accidents if fainting occurs. He reassured me that it is OK that I am slowly gaining weight and that these symptoms are quite common in women that have low-normal BMI's at the beginning of pregnancy. But of course shortly after coming home, Chase and I marched right down to a Denny's and I ordered biscuits and gravy and a grilled cheese sandwich! Just to be on the safe side! I'm convinced that Lubs has decided to audition for his/her very own in utero workout video, and I need to increase my caloric intake so that he/she does not run out of energy!

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