Grandma's visit and the return of Wile E. Coyote

Grandma Peggy is here to visit us this week! As soon as she arrived, she started pulling presents for her Grandbaby (who she is sure is a boy) from her suitcase. Chase was surprised to see an old friend emerge. Wile E. Coyote was Chase's favorite stuffed animal as a baby and little boy! Grandma restored him and brought him down to Arizona as baby's 1st special stuffed animal! She also brought some old photos of Chase and Uncle Austin when they were little!


Nursery beginnings

This is the beginning stages of baby's nursery. We are trying to make the most of our one bedroom apartment, as we will be moving when the baby is 3 months old for Chase's third clinical rotation. This is actually the dining room. We are excited for the visiting Grandma's to see it in the next couple weeks! Once we find out the sex of baby the bassinet will be moving to our room and we will be able to put up the crib with bedding. We've been having a blast putting this together and I think its just beautiful! But we can't wait to add some gender specific touches in the months to come, and especially the little one. I hope they like it!

Breaking news: The baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and suck his/her thumb. Thanks to brain impulses, his/her facial muscles are getting a workout as his/her tiny features form one expression after another. The baby is now 3 1/2 inches from crown to rump!


Baby's 1st Valentine

My friend Jen had me over to her place today to make Valentine cookies for the boys. Her boyfriend Mike is in the Anesthesia program with Chase. We had so much fun decorating cookies. Here is a pic. of some of my best designs. Notice babies first little cookie "Lubs" (Little Unborn Baby Simpson). I ate it so that he/she can taste it! Happy Valentine's Day Baby!


Scary but worth it!

Today was a little scary for us. I was at work and got very nauseous all of the sudden, and then within 20 minutes I was light-headed and gripping the counter to keep from passing out. I got all clammy and just did not feel right. I decided to call my Dr's office to see if this was normal. The nurse decided I should probably be checked out. At the clinic I first got an ultrasound (see above). And baby was just fine and very active. Babies heart rate is 160. All of babies measurements look great. It was really neat to see all of the different views this time because "Lubs" (little unborn Baby Simpson) is much bigger now. On a front view Lubs even jumped out. It looked like the baby did a quick jumping jack towards the screen! Then I saw Dr. Folkestad who ran a few tests. Basically he said that I am just petite and that sometimes smaller women have symptoms similar to this in pregnancy. He went into a long explanation that pregnant women have increased blood volume, fluids, sudden drops in blood pressure, changing demands of cardiac function etc. And that I just don't have a lot of reserves for when these changes rapidly occur. Baby is on a huge growth spurt in their development and is getting all of the nutrients and stuff they need, but sometimes it can leave me a little short. So his orders are to lie down and push fluids whenever these symptoms occur. The only immediate dangers are falls or car accidents if fainting occurs. He reassured me that it is OK that I am slowly gaining weight and that these symptoms are quite common in women that have low-normal BMI's at the beginning of pregnancy. But of course shortly after coming home, Chase and I marched right down to a Denny's and I ordered biscuits and gravy and a grilled cheese sandwich! Just to be on the safe side! I'm convinced that Lubs has decided to audition for his/her very own in utero workout video, and I need to increase my caloric intake so that he/she does not run out of energy!


"There's a baby in my belly!" End of the 1st Trimester

I'm switching my pajama pants for the new photos. I think the ruffles at the top add something to the mix!


Vote: Boy or Girl?

Take the poll on the right side of the screen! In the upcoming month or so we will be finding out whether this little peanut is a girl or a boy. We have no preference, and it is so funny how many people ask, "What are you hoping for?" We just always respond, "A healthy human!"

This week I've been working on making a CD with lullabies. Pretty soon the baby can hear and feel movements. So we're looking forward to playing the little one songs. I posted a few of the songs on the blog. Chase has already started to read to baby and we love reading the book: Oh Baby the Places You'll Go, A Book to Be Read In Utero! The last page is super sweet, "So now, as my voice blurp-urps in your ear- with a bump-thumpy sound that is not very clear- the words I am saying you hear in your heart, and know that I wish you the very best start. It's a scrumptulous world and it's ready to greet you. And as for myself.....well....I can't wait to meet you!" Makes me tear up! Had to share.

Breaking news: Baby is now the size of a large lime and has fingernails!