8 weeks

We saw the baby today! Here they are! If you look at the bottom of the "D" shaped sack then you can see them. Chase says he knows its his baby because of the large head! We also saw and heard the heartbeat! Baby's heart rate is 170, which is a good thing. Also we found out that they are 8 weeks and 2 days along. What a huge relief this ultrasound was. What a blessing!


  1. You two are so funny. I had to text to find out what "they" meant. I can see why you don't want to call the little bean an "it" but it was confusing for a minute. Carry on! You are fabulous parents. You should print out this blog after "they" is born for the baby book.

  2. Congratulations Rainy and Chase!! This is one lucky baby. We are all very happy for you. We miss you so much up here. Can't wait for the three of you to come back! Call some time so we can catch up. I wonder how you are doing often.
    Take Care.
    Cindy O'Brien

  3. yah i thought maybe you were having multiples becuase of the "they" comment...had to read it a couple times!! Congrats though!! its an amazing adventure you are embarking on!!