9 weeks

Today we saw the Dr. for our 9 weeks appointment. They basically just ran a bunch of screening tests, but it was nice to chat with him and stay in contact. Dr. Folkestad said that once a heartbeat is visible by ultrasound the odds of miscarriage decrease to 1 in 30. What great news. (This Dr. is really into odds ;) All is well and he says that things are just as perfect as they can be. He did use an older ultrasound machine to show us the baby again. We saw the baby moving! They are rapidly changing by the week now, however the photos off of this machine are blurry so we will not be posting them. Last weeks shot was much better. Our next appointment is in 4 weeks. He will be checking the gender at the next one. Although it will be very early (the odds of finding out the sex are 50/50 at that stage.) I am somewhat apprehensive to find out that soon, since one of my buddies had an ultrasound tech. tell her the wrong gender early on. We shall see! Up 4 pounds (I think we both are) and feeling better every day as we get closer to the end of the first trimester. I think as of today we are a quarter of the way through the pregnancy and can't wait to meet Baby Simpson in August.

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  1. Yeay congradulations again, seems like that is all great news! You really start to feel better once you get out of the first 3 or 4 months, you can relax a little after that!! 13 weeks is pretty early to find out the sex i think but that would ba awesome if they could give you a hint!! congrats again you two!!!